AquaBoat Rush Launched
 AquaBoat Rush is launched on ...
BugMatch Prison Frog Launched
 BugMatch Prison Frog is launched on ...
Adventures Tomb Puzzle HD Launched
 Adventures Tomb Puzzle HD is launched on ...
Bom Bom Cocktail 2 Launched
 Bom Bom Cocktail 2 is launched on ...
Bom Bom Cocktail is on TOP 10 now
Bom Bom Cocktail is on TOP 10 now
Crazy Santa Launched
 Crazy Santal is launched on ...
Mulan's Chinese Medical Launched
 Mulan's Chinese Medical is launched on ...
Bom Bom Cocktail Launched
 Bom Bom Cocktail is launched on ...
Ninja Revenage Is Coming
 Ninja Revenage is coming soon ...
AquaBoat Rush
AquaBoat Rush is the first 3D boat racing game in iPhone.

# Top 3 sports game in Hong Kong
# Top 5 racing game in Hong Kong
# Top 100 racing game in Russia, Belgium and Sweden

Be an angel or a devil, fly your boat on unique designed 3D Aqua tracks and beat your opponents. 180 degree boat drift, crazy obstacles and all funny tools will make you enjoy this exciting game.

Two modes to play: Points Race Mode and Shadow Mode. In points race mode, get as many points as you can to unlock more tracks and types of boats. You can get more points by collecting bonus coins and by racing higher rank. In shadow mode, you can race with your shadow, the one created from your best racing record. All you need is speed, it is an unlimited fun to challenge yourself

* You can choose to use tilting device or pressing buttons to control Left/Right.

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iPhone Version:

BugMatch Prison Frog
BugMatch Prison Frog - The fantastic puzzle game for prison break

BugMatch is a classic 3 in row puzzle game with unique playing rule and fantastic story. Prison Frog is planning his prison break. First, he has to find the tools by clearing the bugs. In classic mode, each of 30 levels requires you match all assigned bugs for discovering the tools. Each level is tuned for its unique excitement. He needs your speed, logic and skill to escape the prison.

Prison Frog is a puzzle games series. Prison Frog requires tools, food and map for his prison break plan. BugMatch is the first game of the series.

Let’s prison break now!!!

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iPhone Version:

iPad HD Version:
Adventures Tomb Puzzle HD
Adventures Tomb Puzzle HD - The best iPad puzzle game in this year.

The treasure hunter found a map of myth tomb. In the tomb, the collapsing bricks blocking him to go. ONLY YOU can help him to clear the bricks and pass each floor to find the invaluable treasure.

Drag down to collect the same color bricks, and flip up to match 4 or more of the same color, then the bricks will be cleared. Each of 40 levels requires speed, logic and skill to crash the bricks.

More than 30 trophies for you to collect at playing, those are unique and invaluable. Plus 5 mini-games at each floor for door opening.

The simple and unique puzzle play, and the wonderful graphics, it is fun and addictive.

## Features:
40 levels to play
Special bricks will help or block you
More than 30 trophies for collection
5 mini-games to open floor’s door
Use the special skill when power leveled up

##How To Play:
1. Drag down to collect the same color bricks.
2. Flip up to match 4 or more of the same color.

Bom Bom Cocktail 2
Bom Bom Cocktail 2 comes up with wonderful 3D graphics as previous version, PLUS more than ten mini-games to practice your cocktail blending skills. To be the best cocktail blender, you have to serve your customers in the Bar, in the Party, on the Beach, in the Club and anywhere, and then shake, shake, shake...

NEW featured games to practice your cocktail blending techniques, like:

1.Add your liquors, juices and fruits to the pitcher!!!
2.Choose the right liquors!!!
3.Building up the speed and shaking your pitcher!!!
4.Add your ice cubes!!!
5.Squeeze your juice!!!
6.Mixing your cocktail!!
7.Pouring the beverage to right level!!!
8.Decorate your cocktail!!!
9.Stir to mix ingredients!!!

Come to “Bom Bom Cocktail 2” world !!!Let’s Shake!!!
To be the best blender NOW!!!

Bom Bom Cocktail Is On the TOP 10 in AppStore
Bom Bom Cocktail Is On the TOP 10 in AppStore !!!!

GO! GO! GO! Now we reach the TOP 10, going for #1

Crazy Santa
Santa Claus is coming to Cliff…!!!!

Oh! Oh! Santa’s lovely deer are getting sick in winter. WHO can help him to give the gift to the children living on the cliff??? ..... YOU !!!!

Santa now is carrying a fire engine and flying up to the cliff. YOU can control Santa to catch the Gifts shoot from the Gift Cannon. And, drive him to the houses on the cliff to give the gift...

Crazy Santa is the best FLY UP game, let’s fly with Santa……..
Also, you can COMPETE your friends to see who is the best, who can give more Gift!!!

Flying up the Cliff
Giving the Gift
Mini Bonus Game
Non-Stop challenge

*NOW we offer 50% DISCOUNT OFF, $1.99 to $0.99, come and enjoy now !!!

Mulan's Chinese Medical
Mulan's Chinese Medical is the best time and tasks management game. Helping Mulan to run the Chinese Medical center to take care of the customer's health. The featured Chinese medical services including Foot Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Medicine, give you fun and exciting experience you ever have.

Come to enjoy the addictive fun, and learn about the Chinese tradition.

Bom Bom Cocktail
Bom Bom Cocktail is a game for you to be the best cocktail shaker. Blew your own drink and serve your customer. Customers are round the world with different favor. In the Bar, in the Party, on the Beach or anywhere, you can shake, shake, shake...

Keeps your bottle in Blue. Don't let it become Pink. Otherwise, it will be Bom Bom Bom...

Select the Drink. Get the Ingredients!! And.. Shake it!!!